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What is flo health?

The #1 period and ovulation tracker worldwide

Flo Health is the essential female health partner. They are building a better future for female health by helping women & people who menstruate harness the power of their body signals.

According to stats, it’s the No. 1 period tracker in the USA by active audience and the most downloaded female health app worldwide.

Flo Health prioritizes safety and keeps a sharp focus on being the most trusted digital source for female health information.

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Founder of Flo Health - Period and Ovulation Tracker - Femtech Startup
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The Challenge

As the #1 app of its kind globally, Flo Health needed to maintain its reputation for accuracy, trustworthiness, and innovation in women’s health.

However, with millions of users relying on the app for tracking their menstrual cycles and ovulation, the demand for fresh, evidence-based content and reliable research statistics was unrelenting. Flo Health faced the dual challenge of meeting this demand while ensuring that their content remained current and scientifically sound.

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The Solution

Mara Health stepped in to provide comprehensive Clinical Content and Research Statistics Support.

Content Support

Our team of healthcare content experts collaborated closely with Flo Health to create a steady stream of informative and engaging articles.

We ensured that each piece of content was not only user-friendly but also based on the latest medical research and guidelines. This commitment to accuracy and relevance helped Flo Health maintain its status as a trusted source of women's health information.

Research Statistics Support

Staying at the forefront of women's health required more than just content creation; it demanded robust research statistics.

We assisted Flo Health in conducting in-depth research, surveys, and data analysis. Our statistical insights helped identify emerging trends, user preferences, and areas where the app could evolve to better serve its user base.

The Results

Our collaboration with Flo Health yielded remarkable results:

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Enhanced User Trust

By consistently providing evidence-based content, Flo Health reinforced its reputation as the go-to resource for women's health information worldwide. Users continued to trust the app for accurate and reliable guidance.

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User Engagement

Our content and research statistics supported Flo Health in engaging its users more effectively. This deeper engagement fostered a sense of community and empowerment among women using the app.

Our partnership with Flo Health exemplifies our dedication to making a meaningful impact on healthcare by providing valuable content and research statistics. Together, we empowered women to take control of their health, demonstrating the transformative power of informed healthcare solutions.

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Anna Klepchukova Chief Medical Officer - Flo
Anna Klepchukova - Chief Medical Officer at Flo Health
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