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Bridging Knowledge and Care

What is Global Health Education Group?

Providing Accessible Hybrid Medical Education

Global Health Education Group is a mission-led enterprise backed by university partners. Together they are developing the first hybrid medical school in the world.

With innovation and impact at the core, we co-create and deliver the best healthcare learning solutions to partners worldwide.



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The Challenge

The healthcare education landscape demanded not only innovation but also a strategic approach to establish credibility, attract students, and gain recognition for their pioneering concept.

The challenge lay in developing a comprehensive strategy that addressed content planning, marketing, social media engagement, market and user research, and website development.

This encompassed not only the creation of informative and engaging content but also the establishment of an effective online presence that resonated with prospective students and educators.

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The Solution

Mara Health provided a holistic solution to Global Health Education Group, addressing each challenge with precision and innovation.

Content Plan

We collaborated with Global Health Education Group to devise a comprehensive content plan. This included a range of informative articles, engaging educational materials, and thought leadership pieces to establish their authority in the field of hybrid medical education.

Marketing Plan

Our team developed a strategic marketing plan that not only highlighted the uniqueness of their hybrid medical school but also targeted prospective students and stakeholders. This encompassed digital marketing strategies, offline promotional activities, and partnerships to broaden their reach.

Social Media Plan

Effective social media engagement was crucial. We devised a social media plan to create a dynamic online presence, engaging with potential students and educators through various platforms. This helped foster a sense of community and excitement around the hybrid medical school concept.

Market and User Research

In-depth market research provided valuable insights into the demand for hybrid medical education and the preferences of prospective students. User research ensured that the learning platform met the needs and expectations of its users.

Website Development

We conducted a thorough review of their existing website and recommended improvements to enhance user experience and provide a clear, informative platform for students and educators interested in the hybrid medical school.

Strategic Partnerships

We facilitated strategic partnerships with other educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and industry leaders to enhance the credibility and reach of the hybrid medical school.

The Results

Our collaborative efforts with Global Health Education Group yielded remarkable results:

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Increased Enrollment

Strategic content and marketing plans attracted a significant increase in student enrollment.

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Engaged Community

Social media engagement fostered a vibrant community of students and educators passionate about hybrid medical education.

Global Health Education Group journey from concept to realization of the world’s first hybrid medical school exemplifies the transformative power of a comprehensive healthcare education strategy.

Together, we established a groundbreaking institution that sets the standard for healthcare education worldwide.

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