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Hoopsy Healthcare Startup - Eco Friendly Pregnancy Kit for Women

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What is Hoopsy?

The Midstream Eco-Friendly Pregnancy Test

Hoopsy is on a mission to reduce single-use plastic from pregnancy tests, first product is a midstream eco pregnancy test – 99% plastic free.

Their goal is to provide sustainable healthcare products that help women, their partners, and the planet. Hoopsy wants to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill from pregnancy tests.



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Lara Solomon - Founder at Hoopsy Femtech Healthcare Startup for Women
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The Challenge

While their product was groundbreaking, Hoopsy needed to effectively convey its eco-friendly features, benefits, and the importance of sustainable choices to their target audience.

The challenge lay in not just developing an exceptional product but also in communicating its value to a diverse and broad demographic.

Additionally, Hoopsy sought to build trust and credibility within the healthcare and sustainability communities, requiring a strategic approach to content creation and media outreach.

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The Solution

Mara Health provided comprehensive Clinical Content Support to elevate Hoopsy’s message and reach.

Article Creation

We collaborated closely with Hoopsy to create a series of informative and engaging articles. These articles addressed not only the technical aspects of the eco-friendly pregnancy test but also the broader themes of sustainability in healthcare.

By focusing on education and awareness, we aimed to position Hoopsy as a thought leader in eco-friendly pregnancy testing.

Social Media Support

To amplify Hoopsy's message, we developed a targeted social media strategy. This included creating visually engaging content that highlighted the environmental benefits of the product, as well as sharing relevant news and updates.

Social media became a platform to foster a community passionate about sustainable healthcare choices.

Media Outreach

To build credibility and trust within the healthcare and sustainability sectors, we organized interviews with key media outlets on behalf of Hoopsy.

These interviews allowed Hoopsy to share their vision, mission, and the importance of eco-friendly healthcare products directly with a wider audience.

The Results

Our collaboration with Hoopsy yielded impressive outcomes:

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Increase in Traffic

Hoopsy's eco-friendly pregnancy test gained significant visibility and recognition, establishing itself as a noteworthy player in the pregnancy testing market.

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Increase in Engagement

Through informative articles and social media engagement, Hoopsy educated its target audience about the importance of sustainable healthcare choices.

Our partnership with Hoopsy exemplifies our commitment to elevating innovative healthcare solutions through strategic clinical content creation and media outreach.

By effectively communicating the value of their eco-friendly pregnancy test, Hoopsy not only transformed the pregnancy testing experience but also fostered a community dedicated to sustainable healthcare choices.

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Mara Health turned my healthcare idea into a thriving reality. Their guidance, expertise, and unwavering commitment were instrumental in bringing my concept to life. I couldn't be more grateful for their partnership. Highly recommended!

Lara Solomon Founder - Hoopsy
Lara Solomon - Founder at Hoopsy Femtech Healthcare Startup
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