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Breaking Barriers, Breaking Taboos: Your Go-To Guide for Period Positivity.

Capu and Tara, the founders of Understand Your Cycle, recognized a gap in the market for accessible period education. Fueled by the frustration of inadequate resources, they crafted a unique 10-page E-guide, a user-friendly solution covering everything one needs to know about periods.

Their mission is to democratize menstrual cycle knowledge, making it empowering and enjoyable, breaking free from expensive courses and hefty books.

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The Challenge

Understand Your Cycle, a pioneering platform dedicated to women’s health, approached Mara Health seeking comprehensive medical review and approval for their flagship product, the “Understand Your Cycle” eGuide.

The challenge was to ensure the guide’s accuracy, appropriateness, and alignment with clinical guidelines, offering women a reliable resource for understanding their menstrual cycles.

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The Solution

Mara Health conducted a thorough medical review of the “Understand Your Cycle” eGuide. Our team, led by experienced medical advisors, meticulously assessed the content to guarantee its accuracy and relevance. We verified references, ensuring that the guide adhered to the latest clinical standards. Our collaboration extended beyond approval; we provided valuable insights, product advice, and ongoing clinical support to co-founders Tara and Capu.

Valuable Insights

At Mara Health, we provided Understand Your Cycle with valuable insights tailored to their women's health platform. Our team offered in-depth market trends, user engagement analytics, and industry innovations to empower their decision-making process, ensuring they stay at the forefront of the evolving healthcare landscape.

Product Advice

Understand Your Cycle received expert product advice from Mara Health, aiming to optimize their offerings. We assessed and recommended refinements to their "Understand Your Cycle" eGuide, focusing on enhancing features and overall user experience. Our guidance is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of healthcare dynamics and user expectations.

Clinical Support

Mara Health's commitment to clinical excellence extended to robust clinical support for Understand Your Cycle. We ensured the "Understand Your Cycle" eGuide underwent a meticulous medical review, validating its accuracy, appropriateness, and adherence to clinical guidelines. Our medical advisors continue to offer ongoing support, ensuring the platform maintains the highest standards of health information.

The Results

The partnership resulted in a medically approved eGuide, accessible to users on Understand Your Cycle’s website. The guide now serves as a trusted resource for women seeking accurate information about their menstrual cycles. Tara and Capu continue to develop their products and offerings, with Mara Health standing as a reliable partner in their journey.

We’re proud to contribute to the platform’s growth by offering ongoing support, content development, and expert insights.

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What the client says

Witness what our satisfied client has to say about their experience of working with Mara Health

Mara Health supported us with updating and reviewing our website Understand Your Cycle in Summer 2023. It was invaluable to get their advice, and we really appreciated the review coming from medical doctors so we can mark our Guide as being medically reviewed and approved. The team were helpful, co-operative and provided really great insights to help us improve our product.

Tara Margulies Founder - Understand Your Cycle
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