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Clinical Evidence Generation Service for Healthtech Startups

Adopters in health and social care will want to see evidence that supports your technology’s value proposition. Generating the appropriate evidence will increase the likelihood that healthcare systems will adopt your digital technology.

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Our Range of Clinical Evidence Generation Services

With our expertise and network, we can deliver any type of evidence generation activity, in all key global markets:

Clinical Effectiveness

Our experts provide comprehensive clinical support, helping you compile the necessary documentation, align with NHS standards, and navigate the application process seamlessly.


Cost Effectiveness

Our experts assess your product and provide guidance on its medical device status. We help you understand the regulatory requirements.


Product Safety

We guide you through the regulatory application process, helping you meet the CQC’s stringent requirements for quality and safety.


Clinical Guidelines

Empower your patients with easy-to-understand guides, ensuring they’re well-informed about their health and treatment options.


Why us

Why Choose Our Clinical Evidence Generation Service?

When you choose Mara Health for Clinical Evidence Generation Services, you gain a strategic partner dedicated to helping you navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Develop a Better Product

Generating clinical evidence can help you identify and address potential problems with your product before it is launched.

Obtain Regulatory Approval

Generating clinical evidence is essential for obtaining regulatory approval for your product.

Demonstrate Value to Clients

Generating clinical evidence can help you demonstrate the value of your product to potential clients.

Prove your Potential to Investors

Generating clinical evidence can help you prove the potential of your product to investors.

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From strategy to delivery, on time every time.

At Mara Health, we take pride in our commitment to excellence, and it’s exemplified by our unwavering dedication to delivering results, every step of the way.

Strategic Precision

Our journey with you begins with meticulous strategic planning. We leave no stone unturned as we craft a roadmap that aligns seamlessly with your healthcare goals.

Flawless Execution

Strategy without execution is merely a concept. At Mara Health, we understand that the true measure of our expertise lies in our ability to bring your healthcare solutions to life.

Join Us in Transforming Healthtech Industry

Let’s make healthcare accessible and actionable. Contact us today to learn more about how our Clinical Evidence Generation Services can support your healthcare project’s success.

We are ready to serve you differently.

When you choose Mara Health, you’re choosing a partner who is ready to serve you differently. We’re here to challenge the norm, create tailored solutions, foster collaboration, and provide exceptional support.

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More Than Advice, We're Your Healthtech Ally

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Testament to our commitment to driving innovation in healthtech industry

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We take immense pride in being recognized among the Top Healthtech Consulting Firms in the United Kingdom. This shows our unwavering commitment to shaping the future of healthcare industry.

100% Client Satisfaction Rate

Reflection of our dedication to exceeding our clients' expectations

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Our clients’ satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. With a remarkable 100% Client Satisfaction rate, we have consistently delivered on our promise to provide exceptional healthcare service and results.

25+ Healthtech Business Cases

Successfully delivered over 25 project in the healthtech startup industry

Leading Healthcare Consulting Firm in UK with expert Healthcare Consultants

Our track record speaks volumes. We’ve accumulated a wealth of experience in the HealthTech industry. Each case represents a unique challenge conquered, a visionary idea brought to life.


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