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What is aura fertility?

A platform that offers pioneering whole-person care, for every IVF cycle.

Aura Fertility works with fertility clinics to support the psychosocial outcomes of fertility patients, providing pioneering whole-patient fertility care.

The Aura Fertility app is a wrap-around solution for fertility clinics, offering patients health and emotional support, integrated with the clinic experience.

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Aura Fertility - Femtech Healthcare Startup for Women
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The Challenge

Aura Fertility needed to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare regulations, particularly the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) for NHS adoption.

Achieving DTAC compliance was essential to ensuring that Aura Fertility’s innovative services could be integrated into the UK’s healthcare system and reach those in need.

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The Solution

Mara Health stepped in to provide DTAC Support, facilitating Aura Fertility compliance journey.

DTAC Expertise

Our team of regulatory experts meticulously reviewed the DTAC guidelines of Aura Fertility, leaving no detail unexamined. We gained a comprehensive understanding of the criteria, ensuring that Aura Fertility's platform would meet every requirement.

Platform Alignment

We worked closely with Aura Fertility to align their platform with DTAC specifications. This involved adjusting existing features, implementing new functionalities, and enhancing data security and privacy measures.

Compliance Documentation

Meeting DTAC compliance isn't just about adjusting the platform; it's also about thorough documentation. We meticulously documented every aspect of Aura Fertility platform enhancements and security measures to demonstrate compliance convincingly.

The Results

Our collaborative efforts with Aura Fertility yielded significant results:

Successful DTAC Compliance

Aura Fertility achieved full DTAC compliance, positioning itself for NHS adoption. This compliance opened doors for Aura Fertility to provide its pioneering whole-person care to IVF patients within the NHS.

Enhanced Credibility

DTAC compliance is a testament to Aura Fertility’s commitment to excellence and regulatory adherence. This enhanced credibility not only attracted potential users but also instilled trust among existing ones.

Accessible Whole-Person Care

Thanks to DTAC compliance, Aura Fertility’s innovative support platform became accessible to a broader audience, including those who relied on NHS services for their IVF cycles.

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What the client says

Witness what our satisfied client has to say about their experience of working with Mara Health

It was a pleasure working with Mara Health particularly Dr. Alice. She was very efficient, organised, and reliable, and she supported us in navigating and achieving DTAC compliance. Alice kept us up-to-date throughout our collaboration and she worked hard to ensure we met our required timelines to submit for the DTAC assessment. We were delighted to pass the Clinical Safety aspects on our first submission.

Abi Hannah CEO - Aura Fertility
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