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What is WomenWise?

A Personalised, Holistic Menopause Support.

WomenWise is a unique combination of at-home tests (blood, urine and DNA) and questionnaire which pinpoints why you’re not feeling your best during post-menopausal period.​

WomenWise then create tailored recommendations to help you feel great.​ In short, a personalised, holistic menopause support.



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Sarah Williamson - Founder at WomenWise
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The Challenge

WomenWise faced the challenge of addressing the unique and evolving needs of their diverse user base.

The challenge lay in delivering accurate and up-to-date information on menopause while ensuring the content was accessible and relatable to women from various backgrounds and experiences.

Additionally, WomenWise needed to ensure the clinical accuracy and safety of their medical reports, which were a critical part of their service.

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The Solution

Mara Health provided comprehensive Clinical Content Support and Medical Report Reviewing to empower WomenWise in addressing these challenges.

Content Support

We collaborated closely with WomenWise to create a series of informative and engaging articles. These articles covered a wide range of menopause-related topics, addressing not only the physical aspects but also the emotional and psychological aspects of this life transition.

Our content aimed to provide women with valuable insights and actionable advice to navigate menopause confidently.

Medical Report Reviewing

To ensure clinical accuracy and safety, we conducted thorough reviews of WomenWise's medical reports. Our medical experts meticulously examined each report, verifying the accuracy of the information provided and assessing its clinical relevance.

This process helped WomenWise maintain the highest standards of safety and trustworthiness.

The Results

Our partnership with WomenWise yielded significant results:

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Increase in Traffic

Through our medical report reviewing, WomenWise reinforced its reputation as a trusted source of clinically accurate information. Users could rely on the medical reports provided by WomenWise for their accuracy and relevance.

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Increase in Engagement

WomenWise's users gained access to a wealth of accurate and accessible information on menopause, empowering them to make informed decisions and navigate this phase with confidence.

Our collaboration with WomenWise exemplifies our commitment to empowering healthcare initiatives with accurate content and clinical expertise.

By offering personalized knowledge and support, WomenWise not only transformed the menopause experience but also created a supportive community for women facing this important life transition.

Mara Health Team - Healthcare Consultancy Firm in UK

What the client says

Witness what our satisfied client has to say about their experience of working with Mara Health

Mara Health team, particularly Alice has been a total asset to the WomenWise team. She has helped support our operations and provided up-to-date, precise and engaging clinical content for our customers. She is informed, highly responsive and flexible. Alice uses her clinical experience and background in women's health research to provide excellent product advice, which helps us shape our current and future portfolio.

Sarah Williamson Founder - WomenWise
Sarah Williamson -Founder at WomenWise Femtech Healthcare Startup
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